We Beefin?

We noticed that Wendy’s the #3 fast food brand kept getting trolled by rival fans and competitors on Twitter. Despite winning the Twitter beef, our fans wanted more. So, we partnered with music executive Archie Davis & Six Course Inc. to create “We Beefin?” a diss-tape aimed at our competitors. @Wendys became the first Twitter account to become a recording artist. 


Cannes Lions - Gold Lion - Entertainment Lions -  Audio Content

Cannes Lions - Campaign Gold Lion - Radio & Audio - Retail - (Winning 3 Gold In The Category) 

Cannes Lions - Campaign Bronze Lion - Radio & Audio - Use Of Music - (Winning 3 Bronze In The Category) 

Cannes Lions - Silver Lion - Entertainment Lions for Music- Brand Or Product Integration Into Music Content

Cannes Lions - Bronze Lion - Entertainment Lions for Music - Use Of Original Composition for Music

Cannes Lions - Shortlist - Social & Influencer Lions - Innovative Use Of Community

Cannes Lions - Shortlist- Social & Influencer Lions Content Marketing Reach & Impact  

Clio Awards - Grand - Innovation/Original use of Music

Clio Awards - Gold- Innovation/Original use of Music

Clio Awards - Bronze- Public Relations/Corporate Image Music

One Show Pencil - Gold - Branded Entertainment - Audio

One Show Pencil - Merit - Radio & Audio - Use of Music

One Show Pencil - Merit - Digital Craft - Music

Adweek ARC Awards - Grand Arc Award- Overall Show Winner

PR Week Awards - Best in Arts, Entertainment, Sports & Media 

PR Week Awards - Best in Content

Sabre Award - Public Relations - Consumer Products

The Mixtape



Released organically with $0 Media Spent

#1 Spotify Global Viral 50

#3 iTunes Hip-Hop Charts

Over 70 years of streams in the first week. 

Over 700 MM Earned Media Impressions.

14 MM Twitter Impressions  

The Reaction

Wendy's became a verified artist, so we placed our annotated lyrics on GENIUS for fans to enjoy. Then we let the internet be the internet.   


Six Course Inc. Creative Consultantcy & Idea Creation

Creative Director: Archie Davis

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Senior Art Director: Mike Reese'


ECD: Chris Corley

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Social Media Manger: Matt Keck

Account Team: Zach Mendenhall, Christina Miller, Jeremy Cline