We Beefin?

We noticed that Wendy’s the #3 fast food brand kept getting trolled by rival fans and competitors on Twitter. Despite winning the Twitter beef, our fans wanted more. So, we partnered with Six Course Inc. to create “We Beefin?” a diss-tape aimed at our competitors. @Wendys became the first Twitter account to become a recording artist. 


Cannes Lions 2018 - Gold Lion - Entertainment Lions -  Audio Content

Cannes Lions 2018 - Campaign Gold Lion - Radio & Audio - Retail - (Winning 3 Gold In The Category) 

Cannes Lions 2018 - Campaign Bronze Lion - Radio & Audio - Use Of Music - (Winning 3 Bronze In The Category) 

Cannes Lions 2018 - Silver Lion - Entertainment Lions for Music- Brand Or Product Integration Into Music Content

Cannes Lions 2018 - Bronze Lion - Entertainment Lions for Music - Use Of Original Composition for Music

Cannes Lions 2018 Shortlist - Social & Influencer Lions - Innovative Use Of Community

Cannes Lions 2018 Shortlist- Social & Influencer Lions Content Marketing Reach & Impact  

The Mixtape



Released organically with $0 Media Spent

#1 Spotify Global Viral 50

#3 iTunes Hip-Hop Charts

Over 70 years of streams in the first week. 

Over 700 MM Earned Media Impressions.

14 MM Twitter Impressions  

The Reaction

Wendy's became a verified artist, so we placed our annotated lyrics on GENIUS for fans to enjoy. Then we let the internet be the internet.   


Six Course Inc. Creative Consultantcy & Idea Creation

Creative Director: Archie Davis

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Senior Art Director: Mike Reese'


ECD: Chris Corley

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Social Media Manger: Matt Keck

Writer: Ant Tull

Art Director: Monika Hoang

Account Team: Zach Mendenhall, Christina Miller, Jeremy Cline