Talk Social to Me

Wendy’s Twitter presence is the result of refining a brand voice over several years, and finding social relevance within it. Last year we found opportunities and created moments, and even found ourselves brought into moments by others.Through simple tweets, we created headlines and a reputation for being always on and always ready.


Cannes Lions - Gold Lion - Social & Influencer Lions - Community Building & Management

Cannes Lions - Silver Lion - Social & Influencer Lions - Realtime Response

Clio Awards - Bronze- Public Relations/ Brand Development


46,693,974 new engagements

963,921 new followers

119,454 tweets sent

Official victor of Wingstop rap battle (BuzzFeed)

We Beefin? charted No. 3 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts

9,095 comments on our Twitter Reddit AMA, making it the most commented organic brand AMA in the past year (without getting hated on)

27,000 uses of #NationalRoastDay, turning a made-up holiday into a real one

Our tribute to the remaining frozen beef on McDonald’s menu resulted in 475 million earned media impressions from 139 placements, including USA Today, Fox News and The Associated Press

The tribute led to an 80 percent increase in searches for Wendy’s Twitter

The tribute led to a 113 percent (from 1.5 million to 3.2 million) increase in mentions of Wendy’s year over year

300 percent increase in brand asset valuator differentiation contributed to a lift in overall brand equity

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

We pushed the brand further into pop-culture than ever before, with the mixtape being featured on nationally syndicated gaming shows.


ECD: Chris Corley

Social Media Manger: Matt Keck

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Writer: Ant Tull

Art Director: Monika Hoang

Account Team: Zach Mendenhall, Christina Miller, Jeremy Cline

Six Course Inc. Creative Consultancy

Creative Director: Archie Davis

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Senior Art Director: Mike Reese'