Wingstop's mission is to serve the world flavor. They have some amazing fans who bring the brand into sports, music and fashion.

Client Work 

TV "Proxy": 30

Your Girlfriend or Lemon Pepper? Wingstop fans make decisions like this everyday.  

TV "Overnight":30

Whoever told you success doesn't happen overnight lied. Grinding overnight is how you perfect your craft and that's how Wingstop perfected it's newest flavor. 

Winging Out  4:20 Website Take Over

For some reason every April 20th Wingstop's social feeds are filled with people craving wings, more than they usually do. So we took over and gave fans a "trippy" 24-hour Crave Experience, "Winging Out."  The film ran non-stop and increased sales by 39%. 


Our Social Media Manager discovered that fellow Texan rival brand Whataburger blocked us on Twitter. Next thing you know we where in a Twitter Beef.

  • Bronze Shorty Award Real-Time-Response 2016
  • Gold Real-Time AMPSKC 2016
  • Legacy Award AMPSKC 2016  

Radio Tweet Talk

Fans are always tweeting @Wingstop with their crazy stories and dilemmas. So we let our DJ host respond. 

AD: Edwing Mendez, Designer: Carson Catlin