Perceived Threat

As headlines continue to read, “unarmed minority gunned downed,” and “campus fraternity hosts discriminatory party,” or "person beaten because of sexual orientation," these events continue to expose the biases we all have. Perceived Threat opens the conversation to answer internal conflicts such as, “do you see me or do you see your fears?” Perceived Threat is a proactive approach to embracing diversity and improving equality throughout college campuses and their neighboring communities.

Winner of the Gold Cannonball at the Richmond Ad Show, this campaign is being adopted by universities throughout the country. 

The Community Kit

Wearing a shirt reminds everyone they come into contact with to discard false perceptions and see one another as human beings.


The rallying symbol of the campaign on your wrist makes the perfect conversation piece to share with anyone who happens to ask. 


Tag poster boards, street poles, and hallways as constant reminders of the Perceived Threat message.


Wear the rallying symbol of the campaign on your clothes or bags to enlighten everyone you meet.

Community Dialogues

We've sat down with college professors, student organizations from a range of ethnicities, and  law enforcement officers to find solutions on making college campuses safer, and more encompassing. 

Journal Entries

Students are encouraged to submit entries explaining how they feel when they are misperceived and or marginalized.

Blog: Tumblr

A living testament to discarding false perceptions, the blog showcases an array of students from various ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.