The Maven Brand

Cause driven clothing line based in Atlanta, Ga

Today, police across the country are seeing a spike in false 911 calls, being asked to investigate black people for everyday non-criminal activities like picking up trash outside their homes, barbequing or sitting in a coffee shop.

Can a hoodie with three simple words, “Never Sold Dope,” change the narrative and challenge us to look past our false perceptions of being black and successful in America?

“Slutty Money”: 30

“Faded": 30


Never Sold Dope Director’s Cut: 60

The Maven Brand Founder: Keinon Johnson

CCO: Noel Cottrell

Creative Director & Writer: Dorado Quick

Director: Ousman Oz Sahko, Lunch Box Studios

SVP Production: Christine Sigety

Project Manager: Amelia Rose

Creative Technologist: Bear Collins

Social Media: Brittany Jack, John Wright

Editors: Conner Cuevas, Bryce Burton

Cinematography & Production: NoUsual


All music Written and provided by Jonathan Burks, Jr aka STATICtheMC with Sean Wright II and Miguel Gonzalez (MI.GZ) Production from Tavian Strahan (svn x) & Eric Moss (werewlf?); Yondo Tran, Cody Rounds (Cxdy), Christian Alvarado (Lucid Soundz), and Dallas Cooper (Urban Nerd Beats), Mixed by Jack “FBJ” Miller