Marvel's Black Panther x Brisk

We partnered Brisk with Michael B. Jordan & Marvel Studios' Black Panther to inspire the next generation of creative talent. "Hidden Hustle" was Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut. Scripts were approved by Marvel Studios' President  Kevin Feige and filmmakers. 

"Hidden Hustle" Director's Cut

Watch as Brisk takes you through the process of how Michael B. Jordan became Erik Killmonger for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. 

"Hidden Hustle" :30

Nobody will know what you went through, so make sure you work speaks for itself. 

Black Panther Unmasked

During the film's premiere at NBA All-Star weekend, we created a pop-up event debuting Brisk's Creators Class of young talent. Fans were then directed to a hidden door that led them into the world of Black Panther through the lens of its creators. The event remained open to the public for the community to experience behind the scenes access. 

Wakanda Forever Pack

Unboxing your hidden creativity. Prior to the film's release we sent fans and influencers exclusive items from the making of the film paired with information on each item's creator. 

Director: Michael B. Jordan, Outlier Productions with Paul Hunter, Pretty Bird Films

ECD: Liz Levy

Senior Writer: Dorado Quick

Muralist: Hebru Brantley

Senior Account Leads: Kate Franklin, Nick Susi

Production: Lauren Evans, Dana Jeter.

PepisCo Clients: Melanie Watts, Dong Chen