How Do You Open a Can of WHUP ASS?

Brisk aims to put creators on. So we partnered a young creator, Evans Alexandre with our creative team and WWE Wrestler & Actor Roman Reigns to create a Fast & Furious presents Hobbs & Shaw inspired film: How do you open a can of Whup Ass? In keeping the film’s theme of culture & family this piece features an all Samoan cast.


Yep, we actually convinced both client and legal to produce genuine A1 cans of WHUP ASS.

Brisk Creators Studio: Take Em’ Down Experience

To celebrate our partnership with the Fast & Furious franchise we created an experience inspired by Hobbs & Shaw Customs Garage at the first ever ComplexCon Chicago. Fans enjoyed film inspired cocktails, cans of Whup Ass, merch, and the Take em’ down Experience. We also handed out our first Brisk Creators Class grant to Evans Alexandre our chosen mentee.

Super Charger Kit

Straight from the Hobbs Customs Garage we created a supercharger kit that converts your LTO cans into a display cases. These kits were a limited release at ComplexCon Chicago, online, and select activations.

PepsiCo CLS

Director: Aristotle Torres

ECD: George Smith Jr.

Creative Director & Writer: Dorado Quick

Brisk Creators Class & Story by: Evans Alexandre

Producer: Alex Henry

Design: Fumi James, Jasmine Sharpe

Brand Partners: Michelle Lachman, Steve Frechtman, Madeline Mogul